Waste Recycling to Products/Energy | France - NEWGFR

This first project is for €40m but with up to 10 plants to follow requiring total ‘follow-through’ commitment of between €100m and €200m. With a Global Licence in perpetuity for patented production process Company uses Asphalt Paving, Themoplastic Elastomers ("TPEs"), Polymeric and Rubber in a recycling process for raw materials and products in the B2B market. Material may be continually recycled with no degration to product quality. Process is 100% environmentally friendly and fully compliant with REACH regulations in Europe. Potential also to have a Waste to Energy ("WTE") plant. Process methodology is the culmination of many years of development which provides an optimum solution to waste materials where businesses currently have no sustainable solution. Installation of equipment in a French plant to produce raw materials and products to customer orders under contract. Contracted revenue at close will generate sufficient earnings to repay debt. Company also has interest from corporates/ potential Joint Venture partners in around 10 other countries where waste continues to be a real problem. High margin business with debt underwritten by contractual income from Corporates. Lloyds of London will underwrite contracts up to a minimum of 85% of EBITDA protecting investment.
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