Red Snapper State of the Art Fish Farm | Panama - NWS

NWP is an aquaculture, state-of-the-art fish farming enterprise dedicated to the production of American Red Snapper. Located on the north coast of Panama, near the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea, NWP will provide American Red Snapper, a favored fish, with long shelf life, to the markets of the USA, Canada and Europe. NWP will be responsible for the entire farming cycle from the raising of breed stock, to the shipping of market-ready product within a time frame of ten months. Fresh American Red Snapper will be processed on-site as a whole, head-on, scaled, gilled and gutted fish, ready to cook. This venture will be led by an expert with 40 years of experience in the Aquaculture industry along with a very strong team of aquafarming experts. The NWP operation will employ the most advanced technical – machine operations to ensure a complete environmentally friendly operation, returning recycled water back to the sea, better than before it was taken. NWP is virtually shovel- ready and production is targeted at 1000 tons the first year, to 8500 tons when operations are fully mature in the third year. Financial projections indicate strong potential earnings. NWP is requesting $63M (USD) to fund the operation.
USD Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
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