Project Principals


Finding an investor among the  1,000’s whose preferences may or may not match your opportunity is no easy task.

PFX has taken on the challenge for you. 

Through PFX, you can now seamlessly identify, connect and engage with an investor whose pre-set preferences your opportunity matches.

To list on PFX you must have a genuine project, meaning that you have a credible buyer for its output when it is built.  This could be a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for renewable energy, a Management & Operating Agreement (MOA) for a healthcare, hospitality or similar project or a credible feasibility study for a transport, logistics, infrastructure or other project.

Your project needs to be 'submission ready' in all respects, with a full data room.  Further information is in the PFX Intake Form below.  When listed, no project or investor identifying information is available to the public domain. Please download and complete the Intake Form below and return to the e-mail address shown on the form.

AVOID FRAUD: The market is infested with advance fee fraudsters who present themselves as highly credible investors.  PFX has encountered all of them, and they have all contributed in their own way to our uniquely stringent investor due diligence.  All PFX registered investors are genuine.  None will charge any fee to produce their Terms Sheet, after extensive discussion with you, and which will include their closing costs.  These costs are standard practice with any substantial commercial finance transaction.  Expect to cover, or at least contribute to your investor's legal, tax advice, survey (where required), underwriting and other fees charged by their counterparties, which will be set out in their Terms Sheet.  It is an unsustainable risk for them to cover these fees for all their transactions.




Downloading the Listings Worksheet will show you how your project needs to be prepared, presented and structured for listing on PFX, with which we will provide all necessary assistance.  No-one can post their own deal to PFX.

PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS: If you have clients seeking finance for their projects, please click the Prof Advisors tab above.