Expanded Regenerative Agri-Wildlife | South Africa - REGNMI

Creating 2 x 22 high value Regenerative Agri-wildlife businesses integrated with rural villages and townships in South Africa. An innovative socio-economic-environmental model, encapsulating a unique approach to transform the livelihoods of poor rural and township communities, whilst restoring Africa’s wild spaces. The Regenerative Agri-Wildlife rural and township economy development model will be used to build the economies of two times twenty-two sites located in the provinces of South Africa. The primary goal is to develop jobs and livelihoods in rural and township parts of South Africa that are resilient to climate change, provide food security mechanisms, restore and Regenerate Biodiversity, provide enhanced Carbon sequestration mechanisms, and ultimately demonstrate that commercially sustainable development is possible, whilst the environment can be restored – so with a little care and a lot of regenerative agri-wildlife expertise and technology, People and Nature can be brought back into BALANCE. The business model will be supported with technology throughout, to enable ‘real time’ management of production processes, tracking and tracing of products from ‘farm to fork’, monitoring and measurement of regenerative and restorative processes, measurement of socio-economic impacts and job creation (Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs, ESGs, livelihood metrics), reduction in Carbon emissions / improved soil health, etc. The project will take advantage of on average 342,342 times 2 in two in Royal and Traditional Kingoms in South Africa. These will serve as pilots to lead to exploiting more land in at least 9 Kingdoms and Queendoms in the country and taking the development in other African countries to elevate and champion AfCTA's strategic objectives Mixed type of grant and debt financing is sought to ensure sustainability and pragmatic deployment and undertaking of capacity building components and initiatives with use of grant and donor funding
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